Monday, March 30, 2009

OMGZ I'm a Graduate Student!

Today I signed up for my first semester of graduate courses at Boise State.


Here's what I *think* I'm going to take:

ENGL 500 Research Methods in Literary Studies (Required Class)
An introduction to research techniques and resources in advanced literary study. The course includes the use of bound and electronic reference sources, methods of bibliography and textual criticism, the significance of biographical, archival, and historical evidence in literary study, and standard conventions of scholarly documentation. PREREQ: Admission to Master of Arts in English program or PERM/CHAIR.

ENGL 530 - 001 Studies in a Literary Period (Note: The Age of Chivalry: Arthurian Literature of the 12th-15th Centuries )

A study of a selected chronological period of American or British literature with focus on major authors, genres, or topics. Repeatable for credit. PREREQ: Admission to Master of Arts in English program or Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing program or PERM/CHAIR.

ENGL 598 - 001 Teaching Assistant Seminar
Basically I learn how to teach beginning composition (ENGL 101 and 102) in this class.

In addition to my 9 credits of graduate coursework, I'll also be teaching one section of English 101 in the fall, and then two sections in the spring. I'm excited to teach, but getting WAY nervous, too....eeeep!


JoeC said...

So awesome, I wish I could sit in on one of your classes lol!!!

Anonymous said...

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