Wednesday, July 23, 2008

A looooooooooong overdue update.... er, pupdate?

Well I've been really horrid about keeping this blog up. Cedar just celebrated her FIRST BIRTHDAY on the twelfth, I can't believe it!!! She is such an awesome dog and I am so lucky to have her.


We have almost completed our second set of agility classes, and she is doing awesome! Her speed freaks me out a little, because I don't quite know how to handle her yet. My commands are always late because she runs so fast... in fact, she runs faster than I can speak! Hopefully we'll be able to compete next year sometime... that's the goal anyway.

Right now we are doing short sequences and learning how to do the weave poles. She is obsessed with tunnels but isn't quite sure about the teeter yet :)


We have been working in obedience a bit harder, too. A lot of focus work has helped Cedar to become a lot more in tune with me. Heeling is coming along slowly, but nicely. I still need to be able to fade the treat more before we're ready to try for that RN. Hopefully by September or October we'll be ready, though. I'd like to aim for her CD sometime next year.

Stays are going pretty well. I need to practice a lot lot more, though, and do a lot of proofing, especially around other dogs. She still has self control issues (wanting to go up and greet other dogs and completely losing focus on me) which need to be fixed.


I really want to start showing her, but I don't have the money. I suppose I need to start seriously getting her show ready, and maybe enter a show like Richland. Enumclaw would've been perfect, but oh well. Laurie might go to the Redmond, WA shows in August and maybe if I have some extra dough I'll tag along. We'll see though. Ugh.

I need to train her to freestack and figure out some exercise to do to strengthen her hind end and increase reach and drive. Anyone have any ideas?