Wednesday, March 11, 2009


... for my camera to get here! It's due to be delivered today and UPS says it's on a delivery truck, so now all I have to do is wait. It sucks! I'm going to be really pissed if it doesn't get here until tonight.

I can't wait to take some schweet photos :D

Anyways, I went out to Dianne's yesterday for a lesson with Cedar. Lindy was there with her really nice Aussie, too. I think her name is Rave. She's doing a really nice job with her.

Cedar did awesome!

Her driving is really coming together and I am really pleased with our progress. She drove the sheep all the way across Dianne's pasture and back without losing her cool and busting through, which is big for her because she is a little freaked still about this off-balance stuff. She took my commands without challenging me too much, and after a few "what for's" about her being pushy on the fetch, stayed nicely off her sheep and was reading them really well.

I really like these new sheep that Dianne has. They challenged Cedar a bit (faced her, stomping, wouldn't move), and Cedar dealt with the situation very intelligently. She didn't grip (though I wouldn't have been mad at her if she did), but she held her ground and slowly walked more into them until they gave up and turned and started moving again. It's kind of cool being able to watch the sheep and see the little things that will make them "behave." Cedar was being really good, nice and slow and easy which is a welcome change from how she tends to be.

For some reason, though her drive is getting stronger, her outruns haven't been as good lately. However, she is kicking out a lot wider and has been nice and soft on the lift. She just acts confused like she's not sure whether she should fetch them to me or drive them away. I wonder if maybe she's confused what she's supposed to do? Maybe I shouldn't practice them together for awhile.... I'll have to ask Dianne.

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Joseph said...

Go Cedar, I also like Scully, she is the big stink!