Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Haiku

For Katy:

Whistles piss her off
Cedar flosses teeth with wool
Chew toys not enough.


Katy said...

I pinch your claws. Nice work!

omeganbc said...

Sorry, I'm in too much of a hurry to reply in a witty haiku, but I read Katy's blog too, and this just cracked me up! When I read "Cedar flosses teeth with wool" I burst out laughing, because Tori had a horrible day at a clinic last Monday, where she experienced her first major "wool flossing". Basically we walked in the arena (it was judged so we were supposed to act like it was a trial) and Tori basically said "Oh! She's not throwing sticks today! Game on!" and blew me off, split sheep like crazy, and over-flanked like crazy. She normally does not grip, but at the very bottom of the course (attempting the Z chute) she turned around and had a huge chunk of wool hanging out of her mouth. No one else saw it, including the judge, and they even commented "well at least she wasn't gripping"!