Monday, April 6, 2009

Stuck at home

I was unable to get out of working this weekend, so I was unfortunately unable to attend the GSH trial this weekend. I heard that it went really smoothly and that everyone had a good time, so that makes me happy but I'm still sad I couldn't be there.

I'm going to try and go out to Dianne's today or tomorrow and maybe that will help me to stop feeling sorry for myself, LOL.

I need to enter Cedar in the ASCA trial soon. I'm contemplating running her on sheep and ducks, but I want to practice on ducks before I pay the entry fee money. I think she'll either be really good or really, really naughty. I guess we'll find out :)

Not dog related, but I made the most delicious pot roast the other night in the crock pot, here's a picture:


Doesn't that look delicious? It was. :D

Moss is doing really well, getting big and turning into a pretty cool dog. He's no longer a little baby puppy which is nice. He can "hold it" all night and is a joy to train, work with, and be around. Most of the time he just lays at my feet and wags his tail. What a happy little guy he is.

Not to mention he's a great model and totally poses whenever I take out my camera! It's pretty hilarious.




Joseph said...

that pot roast was frackin delicious, and its hilarious that he poses

SprinklerBandit said...

Aww/ He's like Lewis: happy and trainable. <3 herding dogs.