Friday, April 17, 2009

All The Small Things

Sometimes I wonder if Cedar is just a slow maturer.

Not that I have any super grand aspirations for her, but I think she really is starting to improve. Our first work of the day really impressed me. We worked a bit in the pens with getting the sheep off the fence, and then drove a group of about ten sheep out to the pasture. Yes, DROVE! She was perfect... calm, slow, stayed nicely off them, listened to me, and kept them in a straight line. The only time they went "off line" was when I screwed her up and gave her a command that she didn't need. I sense a recurring theme. We did a couple nice outruns and called it good for our first work of the day. Cedar was very pleased with herself. It's small "victories" like tbeing able to drive the sheep out to the pasture to work that keep me going... and I think it's the same for Cedar, too. She really does try to make me happy even though she's misguided in her attempts sometimes. But I do look forward to continuing her training. It's fascinating to watch her grow and improve and do things I never thought she'd be capable of. I guess that's part of the appeal of this whole thing :)

Lindy, Ann, and Susan were also at Dianne's working and had some really nice runs with their dogs. Ann's Levi in particular is doing really well, good job, Ann! And Lindy's Rave makes me want an Aussie, LOL. Rave is awesome!

The second time I worked Cedar she was also well behaved, but was pushier than I'd like. Dianne said that it is because she doesn't really know WHY I'm mad at her, just that I'm mad. LOL. So I guess I need to follow through more on my corrections. Her driving is coming along awesome... Dianne even said that she didn't think that Cedar would ever be as good as she is now. I take that as a compliment :)

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JoeC said...

very cool, its nice to see that all the time and energy you have invested in Cedars training is finally starting to pay off, I remember when she would come home with a mouth full of wool everyday.