Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Not a post about dogs, but I just wanted to take some time to ridicule a truly delusional person. Why, you ask? Because it's fun.

For those of you who don't know who Adam Lambert is, he is a really awesome contestant on American Idol this season. And yes, he is pretty much openly gay, which adds to his awesomeness. LOL

The video below was posted on youtube by some girl named "Aperilla." In it she basically makes the worst case ever for why Adam isn't gay.

Some highlights:

"Good looking people aren't gay"

"Plus, he's Christian... and Christian people aren't gay. They, uh, kind of frown on that."

Yeah, and apparently all the photos and videos of him kissing other guys were photoshopped. And Clay Aiken is straight as an arrow.

Wow. What an idiot. Srsly!

...or as Seth Meyers from SNL says... Really?

Watch and enjoy:

"Have an open mind, ya know."


Maybe I should start having an "idiot of the week" blog post?


omeganbc said...

The gig is up dumbass, F!@#ing ridiculous...

satansflaminghairplugs said...

Hey! I like the idea of an idiot of the week.
Aperilla was a good selection to kick off the series.