Friday, February 26, 2010

Belated Post

So, I went to Dianne's on Tuesday to work Moss, and had a fabulous time! I had a lot of stuff to think about after the trial, so it was great to be able to work on our skills with a purpose :). Moss was pushy, but good. I expected him to be a bit amped after I let him be that way at the trial, so it was no big deal :-P.

I feel a lot more confident with driving and stuff after the trial, too. We managed to be very accurate in our drive/cross-drive practice on Tuesday, hitting the "panels" and staying mostly on-line the whole time. His outruns were pretty good... I had to kick him out at the top the first two times, but after that he got the message and did fabulously. He's such a good boy! Sometimes I think he can read my thoughts...

He's back at Dianne's for training for another month or so. I miss my goober head :(

Jody R. and Circle were also out there on Tuesday; they are looking GREAT!!!! They've become quite the team. I'm so proud :)

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