Monday, May 4, 2009

The world's best "worst" sheepdog

My friend at Wannabe wrote a great post about her dog, Soda, the "world's best WORST sheepdog." It was a wonderful entry, and I really loved that term... :D

My Cedar may not be the most talented dog to ever see a sheep, but she has taught me SO much. She may not be THE best dog, but she is MY best dog. I am a much better handler because of her and I really do think that she will eventually become more than just a "useful" dog. We're becoming a better team now that Cedar is starting to realize that I *do* factor into the equation. Of course, I think that it helps that I'm less of a clueless freak now. I still have more than my share of "special moments," though.


I just hope that Cedar won't have to teach me a hard lesson in humility (or, how to deal with horrifyingly awful stockwork in public) at our first trials this month.

I... am... nervous!!!

Keep your fingers crossed for us.... :D

P.S. And Cedar is NOT a f#@*ing "Barbie Collie"... thank you very much! Argh. In fact, I really like Carolynn's description of her as the "Anti-Barbie."

That will be all.


Chasing The Dog said...

you guys are going to rock it. :) Feel it, and you'll be it.

JoeC said...

you'll do great and I don't understand how Cedar could be a barbie collie with her dad being a herding champion from England.

BCxFour said...

OMG I am dying laughing at the new banner! ROFLMAO! I LOVE IT! PERFECT!