Sunday, May 17, 2009

We're gonna need some antibiotics...

because we got our first STD! ;)

Er... our first title, the ASCA program's STDs (Started Trial Dog-Sheep) title.

After a truly horrific two runs on Saturday (to be brief: couldn't get 'em out of the pen), Cedar and I managed to come back and have a nice, fluid run today to finish our title. She was still a little bit weird, but we managed to get the sheep off the fence fairly quickly, got all the sheep through both panels, and had a nice, controlled walk to the pen and a good re-pen.


We also got 1st place with a 92/100 and Most Promising Young Dog... got some pretty ribbons (LOL) and a really nice leather lead. The judge told us that he rarely gives Started dogs such a high score and that he would love to take her home with him. Hahaha.... if only he knew!


Cedar and I stayed out in Greenleaf at Katy's place (The Leaf on the Green, LOL) with Jodi D., Jaenne, and Katy on Saturday night. We went and had really good Mexican food in Wilder and then went to the Wilder Bar to hang out and drink a few Coronas. It was a lot of fun, although we all were probably WAY too tired and sunburned to truly enjoy the night to its fullest, LOL.


Overall, it was a good experience for us, I think. We both got over a lot of our nervousness and managed to get some good things done. It was a well-run trial with a lot of nice, supportive people and I think we all had a great time! Hopefully we'll be ready to try for Open at the fall trial.


Anyways, I am really tired and not really in the writing mood, but I wanted to let ya'll know how we did!

P.S. GREAT job to Jody R. and Circle who also got their STDs title after only a few lessons on sheep! Way to go, girls! Also, high fives to Katy, Jaenne, and Lindy for your wins :)


Chasing The Dog said...

Great job!

JoeC said...

congrats on the title, I think I must be your bad luck charm or something, cause she did horible when I was there.

BCxFour said...

AWESOME! I am sooooo happy for you and Cedar! She really proved she is an Anti Barbie Collie (A-BC)!!!

On another note: about listing the dog on the adoption website - email me at I am going to put you in touch with Joan at IDAWG and I also need to get a bio from you for the dog to post - as well as a few more pictures. Ect. THANK YOU!