Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Prodigal Son Returns

My dog is officially a badass.

I went out to Dianne's today (after over a month of being too busy to make it out) and got to see what Moss can do. Dianne has him going really awesome. He is completely on whistles, at barely 16 months old.

Awesome, right? I am so excited!

The best part is that he listens to MY whistles, too :D. I guess that means that I'm getting better at it. Dianne is really excited to start running him. He will be one of her nursery dogs next year.

I will run him in N/N (and PN, eventually... when I stop being such an idiot). Our goal is to get him qualified for the 2011 USBCHA Nationals in Colorado. Wouldn't that be a kick? Dianne has nothing but good things to say about my boy. He is looking SO grown up... I can't believe it! He no longer looks like a baby dog.


Well... must get back to work. Less than two weeks left in the semester! Let's see if I survive...

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JoeC said...

Sweet im stoked to hang out with Moss this weekend BBQ it up with him, he knows how to roll. I am also looking forward to seeing him run in some trials, should be fun!