Saturday, April 17, 2010

Looks Like I've Got Myself an Agility Dog!

Went to agility practice this morning after a couple weeks off. There were only three people there (including me) so we got a lot accomplished today! It was a whole lot of fun. Mary (our instructor) says that we are just about ready to compete :) We worked a lot on sequences today, as well as weave entries and contacts (particularly the dog walk).

Cedar is really great at agility... I love seeing the joy on her face when we work on this stuff. <3

A "few" pix from today:


Emma Rose said...

She looks like a natural! Glad things are going well.Since I flunked herding the Duchess is hoping Higgins will be interested in agility or sheep. Time will tell :)
Great photos by the way!

Emma Rose

JoeC said...

Cedar looks good, it will be fun taking pictures of her when she is actually competing.