Monday, December 7, 2009


On Saturday, Cedar and I had our first agility class in over a year. It was awesome! Cedar did really well. Since it's just a beginning class, we worked on a lot of stuff that Cedar already knows, like jump training and 2x2 weaves. The one thing that we really need to work on is contacts... I think they kind of freak Cedar out ;). I wish that I had my own A-frame or something. She's never really been on contact equipment before, so I'm not really surprised that it made her nervous. Everything is such a process with her... it's a good think I love my Cedar girl so much!

Cedar was pretty distracted/over stimulated at first, but she settled down pretty quickly. It was fun working with her in an environment where she isn't constantly worried or stressed out like she is on sheep (even though she's doing tons better in that area). I think that--knock on wood--we could be ready to trial by Spring or summer sometime :) That would be pretty awesome. There's usually a few trials in the Boise area in the Spring/early Summer... so I'm going to shoot for one of those.

I need to really commit to training her on 2x2 weaves and get her weaving 12 straight poles. She is doing 4 pretty well right now, but I haven't been nearly consistent enough with her.

Some more pix of her in the snow today <3

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JoeC said...

Nice, I'm looking forward to seeing her in an agility tournament, I wish it would snow up here its just freezing ass cold.