Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Dang, it's November Already?

I can't believe I've been a grad student/teacher for almost 3 months. It's weird how time can both simultaneously seem to stand still and speed by in a blur. I've never been so stressed out, exhausted, and drained in my life. Of course, there are some good things happening; I really like the classes I'm taking, and I'm making some great friends. Teaching has been an "experience" to say the least... I have had to deal with a lot of crap from a certain student throughout the semester (she's known as my "stalker"... if that gives you any idea), and I just had to send an email to a (different) student to let him know that he's failing my class. It seems like there's always something going on... oh well, at least my life is never boring, right? :)

This grad school thing is pretty much all-consuming, which has turned me into kind of a selfish hermit. I don't have much free time, so when I do, I mostly want to hang out at my house and do nothing. Pretty much my only "hobby" right now is the dogs!

Moss went to Dianne's for training last Wednesday, and she's been working him every day I think. She says that he's doing great; still very much a "puppy," but that he is doing a lot of really awesome things. I'm so pleased! I managed to get a little video of him this morning... Dianne is handling:

I know it's not much, but it's something! Doesn't my boy look good? I actually have him back for a little bit over the weekend and through next week, as sheep camp is going on this weekend. I can't say I'm sad to have my Mossimo back! :)

I worked Cedar today as well. It was sort of a "mixed" work today, I guess. Some good, and some bad. I'm pretty sure that most of our problems were my fault. I am horribly out of practice, and it shows. She was pretty pressure-sensitive throughout our entire work, and she seemed to have kind of regressed a bit in that area. She was pretty slicy, fast, and tight at the beginning, but I think a lot of that was a combination of her nerves and my oafish handling. By the end, though, she settled down a lot and did some nice, controlled driving and outruns. I think she forgot how to lie down, though. Argh.

Dianne is going to take Cedar for a week on Monday and work on getting her comfortable with pressure. I guess she's going to do a lot of sorting sheep and whatnot. I'm excited to see how that goes...

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