Saturday, November 7, 2009

Agility... maybe?

So, long story short... I've been strongly considering getting Cedar back into agility, but I'm sort of conflicted about it.

We took agility classes from when she was about 4 months (pre-agility)- 13 months old with Mary Hunter. Cedar absolutely LOVES it... in every picture of her, she has the biggest grin on her face.

Feeling nostalgic, I bought some equipment about a month or so ago, and have been doing a lot of drills from Clean Run and whatnot just for fun... it's been interesting picking up where we left off last year. Cedar has matured a lot mentally during her "hiatus"; I think that she is finally stabilizing enough that we could be able to actually do stuff competitively. I would love to be able to trial her in agility next year, I think we could have a lot of fun.

Also, I think that agility is something that she could totally succeed at, unlike herding which is pretty much a constant struggle (not that it isn't fun, of course; it's my passion!). My only worry is that I/we will be doing too much... with school, obedience, and herding, there's not that much time left over for agility. BUT... the classes (7 weeks) are during December and January; most of which I have off for Christmas break.

Thoughts? Should I sign us up for the class?

A few photos from practice today, in my front yard no less :-)...


BCxFour said...

SIGN UP! Go for it! I think you can totally do it. The time and worry you save from herding you can dedicate to agility.

satansflaminghairplugs said...

Yep! Thats a happy dog. Do it!