Friday, October 2, 2009

Kid Genius

Went out to Caldwell this morning and worked Cedar and Moss at Dianne's. Jody R. and Circle were also there, as usual. I love having group lessons with her... we always have fun!

Before we started, I was a bit nervous because 1) We hadn't worked in like 4 weeks, and 2) It was COLD and I worried the sheep and dogs would be full of energy. Dianne also had put the trouble-maker ram into the mix.... he likes to split off and run.

I really needn't have worried, because it went GREAT! All the dogs worked really well. With the cooler weather, it was nice to not have to worry about anyone overheating.

First up was Cedar. She has really seemed to have turned a corner in her training (or maybe I have? I dunno) and is much more willing to work with me and keep her panic under control. At one point, the sheep ran for the corner of the arena (Dianne's hay field isn't quite ready to work in yet) which is pretty much the bane of our existence. Before, there would be no way that Cedar would go into that much pressure. However, we were able to get the sheep out of that tight spot without too much struggle. I kept blocking/messing her up (go figure) or we would have been able to get it done even faster. She is really getting better at taking my corrections and actually "getting back" when I tell her to. I guess all of my work is starting to pay off. I really like being able to send her on an outrun and having the capability to stop her and redirect if needed. I'm very proud of her progress!

Dianne worked Moss, aka the Kid Genius/Child Prodigy for me. He was amazing, as usual. At first, he was really impatient and didn't want to lie down and stay while Dianne went to get the sheep out of the pen. So, she spent five minutes or so on making him understand that he needed to stay. This carried over into the first part of their work on sheep as well. Dianne worked a lot on enforcing corrections; when she gave Moss an "aaaaggghhtt!" or "get back!" she made sure that he understood that he didn't have another choice. After a few minutes, Moss was being less of an asshole and settled down. He looked awesome. Towards the end, Dianne had him freaking DRIVING!!!!! He looked fabulous out there. I can't wait to see him in the big field, he's more than ready I think.

I think I may have cried a few bitter tears about the fact that Moss is doing on his tenth time on sheep what it took Cedar and I six or seven months to do. :D This puppy just continues to blow my mind with how natural he is at this. He takes everything (including corrections) in stride; nothing bothers him. He just.... knows what to do. Hurray for working Border Collies! :)

Even though he is doing so awesome on sheep, he still reminds me of Scooby Doo... all legs, kind of a doofus, and constantly looking for snacks. Yup, makes sense to me!

A comparison:

They even have the same ears! C'mon... it's uncanny!

In other news, Dante (my Brittany)'s son, Wesley, who finished his Championship a few weekends ago, has found his forever home!!! I am so pleased for him, he deserves it after all he's been through. Best wishes to him and his new owner.

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JoeC said...

Haha awesome, Moss is like Scooby Doo, except im going to kick his ass the next time I cath him on the counter looking for snacks. Cedar seems to be miles above where she was even a few months ago, I think that maybe she has matured a bit and with you being less stressed out about our crappy little house we used to live in and much more content with her new diggs she is feeling better, thats just what I think. Anyway I cant wait to see Moss after he comes back from Herding bootcamp in December or January