Saturday, October 17, 2009

Blogging Fail

So, I completely forgot to write about Scully's first obedience trial!


A few weeks ago, I decided--in a moment of what can only be described as sheer lunacy--to enter Scully in obedience at the Boise dog shows Oct 8-11.


Had I worked her at all in the past two months (other than randomly throwing her in a match show a few wks prior)? No.

Did I feel like we were prepared? Absolutely not.

We've been training for a couple years, on and off, and she knows all the exercises, but she's not as polished as I prefer. Thankfully, it didn't go as bad as I thought it might.

We actually ended up having some success, qualifying 2/4 days and getting 2/3 qualifying "legs" towards our CD title! Not bad for feeling really unprepared.

Our scores left something to be desired... 173.5 and 179.5............. :-| She definitely was not in top form, but it was good enough to pass. Her off-lead heeling was atrocious! However, she DID do a most excellent job on the stays the first two days. A HUGE Newfoundland got up and loomed over her both times, and she stayed! I was majorly proud of her for that. I know we'll get that last leg sooner or later.

This morning, I decided to take some photos of Cedar and Moss in celebration of fall... I know, big surprise, right? :)



"Leaves are NOT hats, asshole!"


Nom nom...grass...nom nom.


First, his wet pawprints on the deck *love*

Moss watched me from inside the house as I took photos of the prints. If you look close, you'll notice his tongue peeking out :D

My handsome boy at almost 10 months :)


Wonky ears? I still gots them.


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