Monday, October 19, 2009

Dear Moss,

1:45 AM is not morning, play time, or breakfast time.

Neither is 5:45 AM, for that matter.

Therefore, there was no need to bark and wake me up to remind me last night. Twice. I know that you would argue that your annoyingly incessant barking was not only justified, but necessary, but I beg to differ.

Now, I am more than happy to let you out to go to the bathroom if you need it. I understand that sometimes these things come up at inopportune times. But PLEASE, at least pretend like you have to go! Running straight for your tug toy and tossing it at my feet does not exactly give me the warm fuzzies at (not even) two in the morning. At least have the decency to run to the back door and wait for me to let you out. It makes me feel like getting out of bed actually served some sort of purpose.

I don't care if you miss me or if you desperately need some Scooby Snacks.... I just want to sleep!

Bah, I hate being sick.

1 comment:

SprinklerBandit said...

Nothin' like puppies. Mine peed in the house the other day.