Monday, December 29, 2008

Yesterday's lesson

Yesterday I went out to Dianne's for a lesson. Patrick was there for awhile, and Susan came too, it was nice to see them. Dianne worked little May for the first time, she did great! Since we were working inside, I didn't get any pictures.

I really think that our lesson at Patrick's really helped Cedar out. I used a lunge whip with a really long "tail" and that really helped to get her to widen out and respect me more. I am slowly working on making my bubble bigger with her but it's slow going as I am still so very new at this and pretty dumbass-ish. Dianne also helped us work on the beginnings of driving which was cool. Yay, something new! Cedar really did NOT like the pressure, though. She didn't want to move which was irritating and I'm not sure how to fix it. Away from sheep she has a very good recall and is usually very obedient. So we will have to work on that. She is still so young, though.


Megan said...

I'm kinda dreading teaching Tori to drive, she's a fetchaholic. We had a lesson yesterday and it was the first time that when I said "walk up" she actually WALKED! One slow step for Tori, one giant leap for our training!

Tiffany said...

Hi there! :)

I am a newbie too - and so glad to have found your blog!

I can relate with everything you are feeling, particularly the dumb-ass-ishness. It's frustrating to feel incompetent, isn't it? ;)

But what Fun!!

EllieC said...

Tiffany, I know what you mean!

It's so fun yet so frustrating at the same time....... but totally worth it.

It's pretty much the most fun and rewarding activity I've ever done with dogs...

Dianne's blog said...

So sad you won't be at Burr Bones. I really wanted to see your dog work. We will have to get together someday. Thanks for being so friendly.