Monday, December 22, 2008


So I am now the calendar person for the new Gem State Herding blog:

I really like the blog format for the club, it's much more flexible.


Went out to Patrick's on Friday to have a lesson and to have him and Ruben show me how to take care of the place since I'm going to be house sitting for them this week. Since Dianne's ankle was still messed up, Patrick helped me with Cedar. Aside from the first ten minutes of Cedar splitting the sheep to holy hell (this was our first time on non-dog broke sheep)and me being really nervous (with my characteristic bad timing.... x 100) it was great! Patrick stepped in and helped me, and WOW! Because of her balance issues (and me not getting after her enough for it, apparently), she has a tendency to crowd her sheep and not cover them effectively. However, with Patrick's sheep, she was forced to stay really far back off of them because they are so light. I really think she learned a lot about pacing and pressure on Friday. And it was nice that she wasn't hyper-sensitive to Patrick like she is to Dianne, so he could be out there with me... and let's not kid ourselves, work her for me too, as I basically just followed him around asking questions. But I think it was definitely a great day for both of us. It was amazing watching Cedar be 30 feet behind the sheep on the fetch instead of 3 feet.

Baby steps, sure... but I think we're getting closer. I can't wait to work Cedar again and work on the stuff Patrick and I talked about.

In other news, Dianne said that Peg is looking huge and has gone off her food, so she should be getting close to having her puppies, yay! Both Joe and I are very excited for "Moss" to arrive :D

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