Friday, February 27, 2009


Cedar's driving is coming along really nicely! We worked in the indoor arena again today, just to kind of get a handle on things in a more controlled environment. I think I'm starting to figure out what I have to do to set her up to succeed.... which is huge for me. I tend to be kind of a dumbass about timing and such things. Cedar is getting a lot more confident and is listening to me, which I am super excited about. She actually will take my corrections without shutting down. Again, huge! She is feeling her stock more and tries to figure out the best way to move them. I usually get in her way. :D She really likes to drive; it's good for her confidence I think. Dianne says it's because SHE is the one in absolute control of the sheep.... for better or worse. But she is learning and I am very proud of her progress.

Moss is doing really well..... getting HUGE and acting more like a real dog as opposed to a baby puppy which is nice. He knows how to sit and lie down, and we are working on "here" and "that'll do." His ears are doing all sorts of crazy things; who knows where they'll end up. Here's a few pictures:




In other (non dog related) news, for those who haven't heard.... I got into the MA in English program at BSU..... and to make it better, was also awarded a teaching assistantship position which gives me free tuition and a pretty sizable stipend! I'll be teaching one ENGL 101 class in the fall and two in the spring, in addition to my graduate coursework. I start in the fall and I am super excited!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend :)

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CAT said...

Way to go Ellie on your grad program, that's exciting. Two years? Best of luck.