Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's been awhile

Went out to Dianne's again today. Spent quite a bit of time playing with the puppies and getting pictures (more about that later), but I also got to work Cedar a couple times. Today, I focused mainly on lengthening her outrun and getting her to settle down and think. The trial is looming ahead and I think we might just be able to get around the course with a little bit (okay, a LOT) of luck.

Cedar is becoming much more consistent in her behavior as our training has progressed, and I think we're starting to become more of a "team" as opposed to me trying to direct/help/force/save her all the time. We're both getting a lot more confident and learning to trust each other. We did a couple REALLY big outruns (at least for us, haha) and I was pleased for the most part with how she handled the distance. She didn't come straight at the sheep once, and took my "get out!" corrections instantaneously. I celebrated a little bit inside. We worked a little bit on driving and coming into the pressure, but not much. My main goal for her right now is to get her outruns to the length they need to be for the trial... I think like, 200 yards? 250? I dunno how long it is but it SEEMS like freakin' far to me. Yeah, I know... can't be good having "pre trial" jitters almost a month away from the trial! :D I'll be happy at the trial if she can calmly bring the sheep to me without spazzing out and losing them or sending them at mach 10 to the exhaust. That's my goal. I need to talk to Dianne about maybe practicing penning a few times, and/or maybe going out to Patrick's to practice...

P.S. The puppies are getting SO big! Moss is doing great, he's the biggest, fluffiest puppy in the litter :). They are all so fat and friendly, and are growing super fast. Isn't he a doll? I can't wait until he's old enough to start on sheep :).... but hell, I'd just settle on having him old enough to take home! He's almost 5 weeks old now.


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