Thursday, January 29, 2009


I have a lesson with Dianne tomorrow.... I'll write about that afterwards, but I was just reflecting tonight on how far Cedar and I have come in the past few months.

Our last "posted" video... from mid-November:

Two and a half months ago, we were doing, at most, 20-30 FOOT "outruns" and still struggling a lot with getting Cedar to settle down, walk up straight behind her sheep, and feel my "bubble." She would dive in and split the sheep ad nauseum because she couldn't handle the pressure (and my timing/handling was--and still is, but not quite as glaringly--awful). We basically were stalled for a couple months and didn't make any real progress.

In contrast....this week, we did our longest outruns ever (200-ish YARDS.... I think), she took my corrections extremely well, listened to me, kept off her sheep for the most part, and basically did everything that my limited knowledge and handling ability asked of her. I am hesitantly getting excited about the Red Top trial.

More tomorrow.......

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