Saturday, November 3, 2007

Tracking Day 1

This is the first entry in my blog/training log for me and my Border Collie puppy, "Cedar." Cedar, officially known as BonniDune Norwegian Wood, is my future "superstar" conformation and performance dog:

The goal of this blog is to document my training progress with her, as well as share any insights that I may or may not discover throughout her training :)

Today we went tracking for the first time. My goals with Cedar were as follows:

1) Get her to recognize the scent pad
2) Make the connection between the food on the track (laid over my footprints) and sniffing to find it
3) Complete a 10-20 pace straight track laid with food
4) Make tracking a positive experience

Cedar did excellent, after taking awhile to figure out that she was supposed to sniff the ground! We did two tracks; one about 10 paces, and the other 20 paces. The second time around she was starting to figure out that she was supposed to sniff the ground/follow the scent to get to the food. I am very proud of her :)

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