Thursday, November 8, 2007

Bark bark bark!

Cedar's discovered the joys of alarm barking at the workers next door. Lovely. So now my days are punctuated with "SHUT UP CEDAR!" and "CEDAR GET IN HERE!"... sigh. Hopefully it's just a phase. She's teething right now, and going through weird moods. It IS funny to see her toothless mouth; she looks like an old lady :-).

Haven't gotten the chance to go tracking again this week. It gets dark so early, I haven't had the chance to go after school gets out. But I'm going to try and at least go to the park today and work her.

I want to get a big square board and put a tennis ball under it to start simulating the teeter motion for agility. I need to get my jumps back from Laurie so I can *maybe* start working Scully in agility.

I really need to work Cedar in some obedience-type stuff, but I've been holding off because she's teething, and I don't want to stress her. Hopefully that stops soon so I can start getting her ready for rally :). My goal is to get her RN in Portland (January), so we'll see if we can accomplish that goal! Just my luck, she'd go into heat and not be able to show... lol.

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