Saturday, January 23, 2010

Life Is Like A Tippy Board Pt. 2

Cedar was awesome at class today, as usual. We worked on weaves, contacts, tippy board stuff, and jump sequences. Some of the exercises were a bit over her/our head, but that's okay.

I was most pleased by the fact that she showed no fear at all on the tippy board! Yay! We moved on to the A-frame (which we've never done before) and she was awesome... although she did try to make the A-frame "board" move because of all the work we've done this week on the tippy board, LOL.

I had been click/treating her for moving the board, so I guess she thought that the A-frame was the same thing :). She really started to learn 2 on/2 off contacts after a few repetitions, even offering the behavior on her own. That was really cool. I love this dog!

Next, we worked some on weave poles (2x2), and she's doing pretty well. with those. She weaved 4 straight poles a few times, but started missing entries so I backed up a little and moved the two sets a few inches apart. By the end, she was doing much better. I can't wait until we have consistent weaves!

The jump sequence work was a bit tricky. Cedar is so fast that neither of us is practiced enough to be able to think far enough ahead. Thus, she kept blowing past the first jump out of the tunnel. It turns out, I was getting too far ahead of her which was making her speed up too much. When I tried hanging back as she came out of the tunnel, it went much better and we were able to make the jump.

Look at that style!

Side note: I really need to work on rear crosses!

A few more pictures (thanks, Joe for taking them!):

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Your welcome for taking pics, some people just call me an awesome dude..