Saturday, September 26, 2009

Moss is 9 months old today, holy cow!

I can't believe that my sweet little baby puppy is now almost grown up! :D

It seems like just yesterday that we brought him home...

He has turned into quite a good boy, and if I do say so myself, quite handsome, too!

Even if he DOES have the wonkyest ears this side of the Mississippi!

(Maybe his secret ambition is to be a ballet dancer?)

Or maybe all he wants to be is "really, really, really ridiculously good looking" a la Zoolander? :D

He goes to Dianne's for "sheepdog boot camp" really soon... I'm going to miss him!

In other news, I entered Scully in the Boise dog shows in obedience! This will be our first trial together. We'll be going for our Novice Obedience (CD) title. We competed in the ICCKC fall match last weekend, and she did great! I wanted to see if she was ready for competition, and she worked really well for me, so I made the leap and entered her. Wish us luck!

At that same match, we also won Best Adult Handler (like junior showmanship, but for people over and got a huge rosette and a really pretty ceramic dog bowl.

In her Halloween costume, LOL!

And finally..... a particularly pretty headshot of Cedar:


JoeC said...

I cant believe Moss is that old either, Cedar just seems to get cuter as she gets older and Scully gets smellier. She looks awesome in her halloween costume though!!

SprinklerBandit said...

Lew would give Moss a run for his money in the wonkiest ears competition. They sure are cute, though. I love Scully in her halloween costume.